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Escape from your every day. 

At Red Hand Adventures we believe that reading opens hearts, minds, and doors to the world.

Even the most ardent adventurers take a break to refresh and refocus. Try out some tabletop fun and see where it takes you.

Survival Strategies.

Aseem urges Tariq and Fez to act with intention and to stick together soon after they meet in 1912 Morocco. Click to download two cryptograms on one letter-sized PDF.


Make it yours and mark your page

Download the full-size template and design your own bookmark. Show us your design on social channels using hashtag #redhandadventures.


Color your world

Join us for a little mid-week stress relief. Download the full page tiles and color your world at your pace. Scroll down for more coloring tiles below.



Tribal leader Malik's first lesson to young Tariq rings as true today as it did in 1912. "The first thing you must learn is balance." Download the bookmark template and design your own version of balance. 


Show us your exceptional natural capacity of intellect!

Test your 6 letter word for "exceptional natural capacity of intellect" to quickly solve for the missing letters. ANSWER KEY


Solve for the mystery letters

Dedication and hard work are keys to achieving one's goals. ANSWER KEY


Puzzle me this! Fill in the missing letters.

What is a 7-letter word for "unbelievable"? Click on the image below to download a letter-sized word puzzle. ANSWER KEY


Wheel of Life bookmark

While Tariq's wheel of life leads through treacherous mountain paths,  Margaret's path is profoundly different, flying night war-time missions over the English Channel. What does that look like to you?


Lessons for life

Orphan hero Tariq learned survival on his own and fighting skills from tribal warrior Malik. Download 2 puzzles sharing those lessons by clicking on the image below. ANSWER KEY


Be a bookmark maker

Click the image for PDF download and create your own design. We'd love to see your art! Share on social media and tag #redhandadventures or email us at info@BlackShipPublishing.


Classic crossword puzzle with Red Hand Adventures words

Solve your feelings of 11 across (to perish from lack of food; to suffer extreme hunger) with 9 across (an edible dip made from pureed chickpeas mixed with sesame oil or paste). Go! ANSWER KEY


Decipher these words of conviction

Download, share, and solve. Hint: Decode the letter pattern. ANSWER KEY


Word Search

Seek and find! Click on the image below to download the word list and full letter grid in PDF format. ANSWER KEY


Word Scramble!

This week's puzzle challenges your ability to make meaningful words from a letter dump. Click on the image below to download a full word list to unscramble. ANSWER KEY


Puzzle Fun with Fez!

Our young heroes solve puzzles to move ahead in their quest. Click the image below to download two Cryptograms for your own adventure at home. ANSWER KEY.


2X Puzzle Fun with Fez!

Cryptogram bonus. Download two cryptograms on one letter-sized page. 


Color with us! Mosaic tile-inspired printable page

Click on the image below to download a letter-sized PDF and let your creativity color your day.


Mosaic tile-inspired pattern set #2

Four patterns to color in your medium of choice. Click image to download.


Come back for more!

Follow us on Facebook at @redhandadventures and Twitter at @RedHandAdvBooks for links to more hidden treasures in upcoming weeks. And show us your creativity by using #redhandadventures in your FB and TW posts. We can't wait to see where your imagination takes you.

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