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Rebels of the Kasbah
An official selection of the National Battle of the Books, the first entry in the award-winning Red Hand Adventures series is an action-packed journey through a colonial Morocco filled with pirates, bandits, and cruel warlords.

Orphaned as a small child, twelve-year-old Tariq has relied on his wits and bravery to survive on the streets of Tangier—until he unexpectedly wakes one morning in a dark cell. Surrounded by other terrified children and helped by the handsome and friendly Aseem, he soon learns his fate—he's been kidnapped and will be sold to the highest bidder. Along with the quiet, intelligent Fez and plucky British schoolgirl Margaret, Tariq and Aseem are sent to the remote desert kasbah of Caid Ali Tamzali, ruler of the Rif Mountains. Pressed into a deadly contest for the entertainment of the evil warlord, the four must act quickly to escape before almost certain death—or worse. Although aided by a beautiful assassin and a small but clever band of resistance fighters, their lives depend on their own teamwork, inventiveness, and courage.

This fast-paced historical adventure, set in 1912, transports readers from Tangier's corrupt slave markets to the wild frontier of the Moroccan desert, the heart of ancient China, and the pirate-infested seas of the Mediterranean. Faced with perilous challenges, the young clan must learn to overcome their cultural differences and forge a new family for themselves built on trust and loyalty.

For fans of Kipling, Jack London, and the Indiana Jones series, the first award-winning book in the Red Hand Adventures series, Rebels of the Kasbah, is a modern, multi-cultural twist on the classic adventure novel and an exhilarating tale for middle readers that is filled with daring, danger, and friendship.


[Hear school librarian Ms. Kim Meschter read Chapter 1]


Rebels of the Kasbah

  • "O'Neill has an eye for detail, atmosphere, and action…this is a rousing period piece that ends on a cliffhanger." – Publishers Weekly

    "Debut author O'Neill incorporates a great deal of cultural and historical context in his story...and will make the readers feel as though they have traveled back in time and fallen into that world. An exciting, exotic tale.... The cliffhanger ending all but demands that readers jump to the next installment of the series.” – Kirkus Reviews

    “When I sat down to begin reading Rebels of the Kasbah, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough until I reached the last page and said, "NOOOOO, I need to know what happens next!" – Dr. Jean Lowery, CEO, Battle of the Books

    “I read the first couple of pages to one of my 5th grade classes in our library, and from that moment kids were hooked on the book. I couldn’t and still can’t keep it on the shelf. I have one girl who has read the book 5 times, that I know of. Therefore I went to one of the 5th grade teachers and told him he needed to check this book out. He liked it so much that he made it his read aloud. The kids just can’t wait until I get the second book in, and I have had to reserve it for a 5th grade teacher already.” – Stefani O’Connor, Elementary Librarian, Eagle Point, OR

    “Whether intended for a YA or adult audience, this is a book the entire family can enjoy reading.... The book reads like a Boy's Own adventure and is filled with action involving bandits, pirates and rebels, reminding the reader of such grand entertainments as Rudyard Kipling's Kim, Michael Chabon's Gentlemen of the Road and John Milius' The Wind and the Lion...Four Stars.” – Kenneth Salikof for IndieReader


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